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Buy & sell clicks in a transparent CPC auction. Any vertical. All geos.


Why spend all of your effort competing for loyal pubs when you can just pay the bid price?


Why send traffic to a Black Box Revshare or CPA, CPL when you can get paid for every click in a transparent auction?

Multi-channel platform

We present multiple channels of targeted & filtered traffic to multiple direct & qualified bidders.

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Why you should work with HasTraffic

There are many reasons to work with us, here are some of the best.

CPC as a performance model

In our CPC performance model, click prices are continuously optimized based on their performance for multiple bidders in a transparent auction. This ensures both a fair price for the publisher and consistent profitability of the best performing advertisers.

Our low margin means more profit for you

Publisher traffic and advertiser campaigns remain competitive and sustainable with our low, *13.7% margin.

Coverage around the clock, around the globe

Operation teams in four time zones around the globe will support your campaigns 24/7. Our infrastructure is globally distributed, high-performance and privately available.

* We mark up traffic 15%, which is a 13.04% margin. With upticks in bidding, the end result is an average margin of 13.7% year in and year out, consistently over the past 6 years.

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