We present multiple channels of targeted & filtered traffic to multiple direct & qualified bidders.

Compliant Email

  • 120+ compliant email publishers
  • Each publisher has its own ID and performance based CPC price
  • Highly scalable volume


  • Similar to the email channel, lists come from opted-in subscribers
  • A short text with a short link is being sent
  • The advertiser has control over the text and the ability to pre-approve the copy

Push Notifications


  • Type-in traffic directed to the highest bidder
  • Domain name shown in most cases
  • Control your fallback: current solution, secondary bidders or PPC parking

Click To Call

Chat Funnel

  • New channel seeing positive results
  • Similar to SMS and Email, buy and sell highly engaged, opted in clients
  • No URL shorteners in the first message
  • Clients are engaged before the redirect


Back Button

  • Redirects from browser back button
  • Monetize your bounce by CPC to the highest bidder
  • Passive, compliant revenue
  • White/ Black list any verticals or streams



  • Direct desktop and mobile feeds from pop-ups, pop-unders
  • Higher quality with easier optimization
  • Domain name shown in most cases

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